Socially Responsible Investment

ASPIM's members have adopted the “Commitment Charter in favour of development of SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) management in real estate”.

This Charter which was elaborated within an ASPIM working group , is divided into two parts: a first which is a report on the key principles at the root of SRI and relevant to the real estate sector and a second in the form of a record of good practices already implemented by the professionals of real estate fund management.

Several reasons have motivated the deliberation of ASPIM relating to the real estate fund management in accordance with the prescription of SRI.

On the one hand, we notice the growing expectation of investors for a “SRI approach” whether it concerns institutions or individuals engaged in “giving a meaning” to their savings. On the other hand, some real estate investment fund managers are already operating with very high standards with regard to “ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria”.

To go further in the formalization, ASPIM is now working on the criteria for a governmental label.

Download (in french) the Commitment Charter in favour of development of SRI management in real-estate.