About Aspim

The Association française des Sociétés de Placement Immobilier (ASPIM), the French association for real estate investment companies, promotes, represents and defends the interests of its members, managers of alternative investment real estate funds (SCPI, OPCI and other AIFs invested in real estate). Created in 1975, ASPIM is a non-profit association which brings together the actors of unlisted real estate fund management.

Its members are Portfolio Management Companies (PMC) of SCPI, OPPCI, OPCI and other real estate AIFs accredited by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), whether they are affiliations of bank, insurance, foreign or entrepreneurial real estate management groups.

ASPIM's missions and objectives :

Ensuring the representation of economic and financial interests of its members and the AIFs they manage. ASPIM also partners with public authorities and other French, European and International real estate Associations. ASPIM, with other market authorities, contributes to the development of regulations of real estate AIFs that its members manage.

Informing, accompanying and training its members in all areas whether they are related to fiscal, legal, accounting or technical matters.

The Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in real estate (SCPI, OPCI, OPPCI and other AIFs) brings together:

  • investors, persons and/or corporations within a legal regulated structure which is managed by a management company supervised by the Authorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and which owns a real estate holding acquired essentially by means of capital entrusted by investors;
  • and tenants (private individuals, shopkeepers or companies) renting the premises provided by the funds.

The real estate AIFs (SCPI, OPCI and other AIFs invested in real estate assets) are subject to a legal and fiscal supervision that is strictly established in accordance with laws and regulations. Just like their management company, they are authorized by the French regulator.

Contributing to long-term savings

ASPIM ensures an active presence during the adoption of all legal and regulatory measures which may have an impact on the unlisted real estate funds (SCPI, OPCI, OPPCI and other AIFs) legal and fiscal environment.

In this respect, the public authorities have systematically consulted ASPIM as a professional body representing real estate AIFs with the aim of developing measures that are consistent with the interests of savers, investors and the recommendations of managers.

ASPIM takes part in the discussions and debates affecting the management of real estate savings and real estate investment:

  • Participation in the rental investment support plan,
  • Contribution to the establishment of new rent indexation rules in the tertiary sector,
  • Participation in the works of "Plan Bâtiment Durable" (Sustainable Building Plan)
  • Development of an SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) charter and label in real estate
  • An Observatory on Real Estate & Urban Employment

These real estate funds generate economic and performance growth:

  1. The real estate AIFs generate value, growth and distinguish themselves by their ability to create new wealth and employment.
  2. The real estate AIFs allow savers to prepare their retirement, to earn supplementary income or to diversify their portfolio.
  3. The SCPI and OPCI make 94% of their investment in commercial rental real estate.
  4. The SCPI and OPCI supplement the government’s budget with taxation.
  5. The real estate AIFs help companies focus on their profession by renting their premises.

of their investment in commercial rental real estate of AIF