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New directors appointed at ASPIM and re-appointement of Jean-Marc Coly as chairman

Jean-Marc Coly was re-appointed Chairman of the Association Française des Sociétés de Placement Immobilier (ASPIM) at the Board meeting held on Tuesday 5 July 2022. At ASPIM's General Meeting held on 7 June 2022, its members also elected three new directors to its Board (RAISE REIM, BALZAC REIM and THOREIM).

Jean-Marc Coly has been Chairman of ASPIM since 2020, and was previously Chief Executive Office of Amundi Immobilier, which he joined in September 2015. Before that, he was CEO of Alta Reim, the Altarea-Cogedim division specialising in real estate funds. Jean-Marc Coly began his career in 1982 as a notary before joining the La Française group. Jean-Marc has notably specialised in the management of private equity real estate portfolios, fund distribution and financing structures.

Jean-Marc Coly, ASPIM's Chairman, said: “I am honoured and proud that our directors have shown their trust in me once again. There is much to do during this term of office, and the turbulent economic environment requires us to continue our work on protecting the interests of our members and unitholders.”

At the general meeting, the shareholders also elected three new directors: Séverine Farjon (RAISE REIM), Pierre Pelabon (BALZAC REIM) and Romain Welsch (THEOREIM).

  • Séverine Farjon has been Chief Executive Officer of RAISE R.E.I.M since it was established in May 2017. Before joining RAISE R.E.I.M., Séverine was responsible for market operations, investor relations and for monitoring equity and leasing portfolios at Foncière de Paris SIIC. Séverine is also a member, as an independent director, of Carmila’s Board of Directors.
  • Pierre Pelabon has been a partner at BALZAC REIM since 2019, with over 30 years’ experience in the real estate sector. He works with all asset classes. Prior to providing consultancy services to private equity funds, family offices and institutional funds, Pierre spent almost 12 years at Ciloger (AEW) where he established the Asset Management department.
  • Romain Welsch has spent the majority of his career at French property management companies, including more than 13 years at BNP Paribas REIM. In 2020, Romain decided to launch THEOREIM with a view to offering an original property management service based on the multi-management concept.

The Board of Directors also elected Marc Bertrand (AMUNDI IMMOBILIER) as Vice-Chairman and Jean-Maxime Jouis (BNP PARIBAS REIM) as Treasurer and held a vote to elect the new members of the Board, the members of which are now: AMPERE GESTION represented by Nathalie Caillard, AMUNDI IMMOBILIER represented by Marc Bertrand (Vice-Chairman), BNP PARIBAS REIM France represented by Jean-Maxime Jouis, LA FRANCAISE REM represented by Philippe Depoux, SOFIDY represented by Jean-Marc Peter, SWISSLIFE AM France represented by Frédéric Bôl, THEOREIM represented by Romain Welsch and Jean-Marc Coly, Chairman of ASPIM.


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