ASPIM's Regional Roadshow: the economic impact of real estate investment in the regions. An ASPIM delegation in Lyons

In order to raise awareness among local leaders and elected representatives about the economic contribution made by unlisted real estate funds in their regions, (SCPIs, OPCIs and other AIFs invested in real estate assets) in 2019 ASPIM has begun a series of meeting in the regions with local politicians and leaders and the local press. This week (23 January) ASPIM was in Lyons. The Greater Lyons Metropolitan area is the first investment destination in the region for the 31 asset management companies (SGP) which are members of ASPIM, handling over 1.6 million m², equivalent to the 1st arrondissement in Lyons, managing over 4.2 bn € of real estate assets in the region and providing 43, 000 secure jobs, which is 6% of employment in the Metropolitan area.

The delegation from ASPIM included chairman Frédéric Bôl, chief executive Véronique Donnadieu and representatives from SGPs with significant assets in the region: AEW Ciloger represented by Isabelle Rossignol, Amundi Immobilier represented by Christine Augé, La Française REM represented by Eric Allard, PERIAL AM represented by Eric Cosserat and Eric Journault, Unofi Gestion d’Actifs represented by Florence Dourdet-Franzoni. They spoke with city representatives and journalists from around the region, in particular with reporters from the regional paper Le Progrès.

More visits to major cities are planned throughout 2019.


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